Run Jeffrii Run! 337 games

Run Jeffrii Run

Run Jeffrii Run

Run Jeffrii Run

Game Description: Dino Jeffrii got lost on a tour of an underground cave. As he panics and runs to escape he spots various treasures he wishes to collect. He also has to be careful to avoid some human skulls that hurt his feet when he stands on them. He forgot to put on his shoes this morning.
This game has been completed for a couple of months now. Just couldn’t find someone to do the art for the treasures. After asking a few artists with no luck I just decided to do it myself. So that’s the reason those items look average in comparison.
90 percent of the art is done by UltraPitchFork (his NG username). It’s all leftover from the incomplete game we started years ago. I just wanted to use them for something and this is what I came up with.
Controls are simple. Up and down arrow to move. I tried to keep the instructions in game very simple, I like to leave you things to work out. Such as the values of the treasures, how the multipliers work, and all of the bonuses possible.
There’s a couple of easter eggs in there but nothing major. Have fun! Submit your score. Try to beat mine. etc From PabMo.

How to play: Use arrow keys to move

Video play game:


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